This is a great trick for beginners who are still in the process of building their kit, and are trying to make sure that they are covered to work well for weddings, lifestyle and small-scale commercial shoots. In it, cameras, lenses, flash units and back up kit is discussed, as well as post-processing/editing equipment and software.

This trick is designed to work through at your own pace. After purchase you will have immediate access to the trick online, via a link to a password-protected page.

- What do I need in my camera bag?
- Primary kit
- Secondary kit
- The camera bag itself
- Building kit and hiring kit
- Prime lenses vs zoom lenses
- Camera harnesses and straps
- Other equipment
- Responsible working
- Kit for weddings
- Kit for other shoots
- Software
- What else to pack in your camera bag
- All tricks come with relevant product recommendations, useful links and downloadable/printable materials.

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