This is a great trick for beginners and even photographers who have been working for a little while and want to refresh and relook at their contract. Having a contract is so important and covers you and your clients - you shouldn’t be shooting without one. This trick makes looking at your contract and what to include easier, and I even show you my own full example of a wedding photography contract.

This trick is designed to work through at your own pace. After purchase you will have immediate access to the trick online, via a link to a password-protected page.

- The aim of your contract
- The booking process
- What to include in a wedding photography contract
- Giving away copyright
- Alterations to your contract
- The difference between lifestyle and commercial contracts
- Printable contract examples
- All tricks come with relevant product recommendations, useful links and downloadable/printable materials.

The online shop/ ‘Box Of Tricks’ terms of use can be found listed at the bottom of the page but to raise one point - please refrain from sharing tricks with any other person or business. I have kept these tricks affordable and accessible in hope that you respect the fact I am a one-person small business owner and doing so would impact upon what I am trying to put out there through Box of Tricks. Don’t be that person.

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