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For a different kind of blog post today, I thought I would share some of my favourite venues that I’ve worked at, starting with our own glorious Teesside and North Yorkshire. What I love most when working is how every day is different, and I love capturing a variety of venues over the months too - from barns to grand houses and halls, outdoor weddings to village halls.. I love mixing it up and I’ve been lucky enough to shoot at some beautiful places in this little corner of the UK.

So here are some of my favourites (in no particular order)!



Ormesby Hall, Middlesbrough, Teesside

First up, beautiful National Trust property, Ormesby Hall. They’ve only recently started being available for weddings more often and thank goodness because it’s such a beautiful venue. You can marry in the hall itself, and they have a semi-permanent marquee built into the grounds. There is a courtyard for mingling and welcome drinks, and a huge expanse of land and gardens for photographs.

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Rudby Hall, North Yorkshire

I remember one day when Rudby Hall was on RightMove as a residential property (anyone else just search for dream houses with a budget of £20m sometimes?) so it’s relatively recently become the wedding venue that it is today. I love Rudby Hall - as ‘grand’ venues go, it has a cosy feel to it. There is the entrance hall, dining in the room to the left and the evening celebrations later in the room to the right. There’s also a cosy lounge area for relaxing and chatting somewhere quieter too. A beautiful gem with amazing views.

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Acklam Hall, Middlesbrough, Teesside

Another relative newcomer! Acklam Hall was once used as a college building - yes, really! Downstairs is decorated with old photographs and memorabilia from those days too. Now it’s home to The Brierley restaurant downstairs and private dining rooms, and upstairs has been transformed into an incredible space for a wedding reception. The avenue of trees and green space is across the road - and it’s easy to forget that you’re within Middlesbrough town. A stunning venue and a historic setting.

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Middleton Lodge, Richmond, North Yorkshire

A real favourite and hugely popular venue. Middleton Lodge (and also the new Fig House on site, which I’m excited to see!) are a short drive away from Scotch Corner in North Yorkshire. A stunning venue with a semi-permanent marquee out the back, beautiful grounds, classic but bright decor, a beautiful bridal suite.. Middleton Lodge is a firm favourite for couples for many reasons. They also have a cellar bar downstairs so you can continue the party into the wee hours..

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Yorkshire Wedding Barn, Richmond, North Yorkshire

One of my new favourites is the Yorkshire Wedding Barn at Gilling West near Richmond. A beautiful purpose-built barn surrounded by barns and cottages for guests to stay in (with hot tubs, I might add), beautiful views of rolling hills.. The Yorkshire Wedding barn is a beautiful and stylish barn setting, perfect for Summer and cosy for the cooler months. I’ve loved shooting here and I’m very much looking forward to being back there soon.

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Whinstone View, Great Ayton, North Yorkshire

Another firm favourite with local couples - Whinstone View Lodges and Bistro in North Yorkshire. A beautiful barn with outdoor deck area.. you can marry here or just celebrate afterwards - it’s a beautiful blank canvas and no two weddings I’ve shot here have been the same. I’ve had luxe, elegant weddings (like the one below), botanical inspired weddings with long trestle tables, classic wedding styling.. it’s a beautiful venue and only a five minute drive from beloved Roseberry Topping too.

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York Maze, York, North Yorkshire

Oh I’ve loved working at York Maze at a few different weddings in the past. A beautiful barn setting, ajacent bar area, and another huge adjacent barn for ceremonies and evening celebrations too. There’s a rustic courtyard for welcome drinks, and a huge playground (mainly loved by the adults, it has to be said), complete with huge trampoline cushion which always goes down a storm. A fun and beautiful venue with lots of opportunities for photographs too.

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Rountons Village Hall, Northallerton, North Yorkshire

I shot at Rountons Village Hall last year for the first time and it’s a real gem. A beautiful building with courtyard for welcome drinks, space for a marquee out the back, catering facilities.. planning a wedding here would be very much a DIY effort but it’s a wonderful setting for a wedding and there’s the opportunity to really create a one-off personal day here. A big thumbs up from me.

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Preston Park Museum + Gardens, Eaglescliffe, Teesside

I’m biased when it comes to Preston Park because I grew up coming here and now love to take my own girls here.. you can have your ceremony in the grand hall, which can be turned around for the meal, welcome drinks in the beautiful Winter Gardens, and have photographs on the Victorian Street and in the walled garden and greenhouses. There are so many opportunities here for photographs and it’s a different a fun venue to explore and celebrate in too.

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The Star Inn at Harome, Helmsley, North Yorkshire

OK.. maybe the best wedding food around. The Star Inn at Harome is a real gem and pretty well known amongst foodies nationwide. This very charming and very rustic venue can house an indoor wedding or hold a larger wedding in a marquee on the grounds. It’s set in a beautiful little village and not far away at all are incredible views of North Yorkshire. I love the Star Inn and I’ve been lucky enough to shoot there a good few times in the past -I hope to be back very soon.

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Crab and Lobster, Asenby, North Yorkshire

Oh my goodness.. if you’re after something different for your wedding then you have to look at the Crab and Lobster in Asenby. Another venue (and restaurant) renowned for it’s incredible food, but this venue is literally packed to the rafters with the most amazing and eclectic bits and pieces. It’s also home to some beautiful gardens and grounds, and there are lodges and rooms dotted around for some quirky and different accommodation for guests too.

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The Merchant Adventurer’s Hall, York, North Yorkshire

I’ve been lucky enough to shoot at The Merchant Adventurer’s Hall in York on Fossgate a few times now and it’s an amazing and historic venue. Walk down a tiny cut from the street and you’ll be met with a courtyard and this incredible venue. There are grounds and gardens round the back (amazing, considering you’re in York city Centre), an upstairs area for ceremonies and the meal, and a cellar bar area for the evening. One of a kind.

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Aldby Park, York, North Yorkshire

It was my first time at Aldby Park near York for Laura and Patrick’s marquee wedding last year and I loved this venue! It has so much space, amazing views, and lots of places to wander for photographs too. The building itself is incredible to look out on from the marquee, and it really provides a stunning blank canvas for you to hold a really personal day in the grounds.

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Newburgh Priory, North Yorkshire

I’ve only been lucky enough toe shoot at Newburgh Priory once, for Liam and Lois’ wedding, but this venue blew me away. Firstly, you can marry outside in a walled garden area which is just stunning, there are gardens for welcome drinks, and space for a marquee with views of this incredible building. The set up made for a really relaxed but beautiful day. Guests hung out on the lawn and it was secluded enough for a real party later on too..

Camp Katur, North Yorkshire

If a bohemian, relaxed feel is what you’re looking for, then you need to visit Camp Katur in North Yorkshire. This glamping spot is perfect for a festival wedding or for something a bit different. There is a woodland clearing where wedding ceremonies can be held, and there is a variety of types of accommodation for guests to stay in too - everything from lodges to geo domes to tipis.. A really stunning and different setting that I’d heartily recommend.

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