I'm Sally, and I'm a creative wedding photographer covering North Yorkshire, the entire UK and beyond. I have a degree in Fine Art and a Masters in Journalism; I worked at a local paper and on the radio for a while before going full time as a photographer in November 2013.  I love capturing people who are full of heart and soul -  I search for real moments over staged pictures, and I love meeting new people and visiting new places..

I've always been incredibly sentimental and it's a huge part of what lead me to photography - I have a strong impulse to create something to tell stories and help remember.


I've always loved looking back through family photo albums, and I've always had an urge to collect and archive memories. Growing up my room was covered in tickets, photos, postcards, pages torn from magazines, quotes and articles I liked, doodles and other ephermia.. Even now I find myself archiving memories and little things that 'mean something', and often browse back through boxes of photos and memorabilia..

I remember being vaguely interested in photography when I was younger but never thought much of it, it was only when I bought a DSLR with the last £200 of my student loan in uni (responsible) that I started feeling a pull to learn and do more with a camera. I started keeping a blog and very gradually people started asking me if they could buy prints or if I'd take photographs for them. It became a sideline project of mine while I was in uni, then a small business, and eventually at the end of 2013 I went full time. I now work from an office at home, powered by coffee and music; usually eating more than my fair share of the snacks in the cupboard.

From a personal point of view, I have two wonderfully head-strong and hilarious little girls, and keep a personal family blog over at I love to travel (my eldest and I went Interrailling recently which you can see more about here).. and on days off I love to get outdoors, cook, watch live music and get muddy at festivals, take personal photos and make albums, make playlists and binge-watching Netflix. I'm happiest when I'm two gins down and dancing..

Now you know *all* about me.. tell me about you?

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I am, therefore I Instagram.
You can find my personal account at @sallythurrell and work account @sallytphotography